Project Management

A good project manager has an entrepreneurial mindset which allows them to think about a project beyond the basic skills that are needed to manage it and direct team members to the finish line. Being a good project manager means keeping knowledge and information abut the project flowing and effectively communicating it to the client and team. Having the technical skill set and knowledge of the tasks at hand in order to keep the project on track.

Our project management consists of the following:

      • Planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing assigned projects.
      • Responsible for keeping project on track.
      • Responsible for keeping project on budget.
      • Responsible for keeping all parties briefed during the project.

Our Project Managers are responsible for the following:

      • Activity and resource planning
      • Organizing project team
      • Time Management
      • Staying on budget                                                                
      • Customer Satisfaction
      • Managing project risk                                                                       
      • Managing progress
      • Managing documentation related to the project

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We have an impressive cadre of professionals who round out the Square Foot Consulting team. Leaders within the industry, SFC consultants are credentialed architects, project managers, contractors, and diversity professionals among other disciplines. 

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