Construction Management

At SQFT Consulting our Construction Managers are responsible for coordinating and supervising various projects from building public, residential, industrial, or commercial structures as well as bridges and roadways. Our managers will oversee the different phases of the project, which includes personnel, but we also consult with our clients during the design phase to help refine construction plans and any costs associated with it.

We assist our clients with the following processes:

  • Ideas and Research
  • Define and the Plan Project
  • Determine Roles
  • Assist with finalizing and executing Construction Plans

During the process, we will coordinate to make sure the projects meet the design specifications and that it is completed on time and within budget. We work closely with other building specialists, architects, civil engineers, and trades workers as well as lawyers and government officials depending on the project.


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Our Consultants

We have an impressive cadre of professionals who round out the Square Foot Consulting team. Leaders within the industry, SFC consultants are credentialed architects, project managers, contractors, and diversity professionals among other disciplines. 

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