Construction Owner Representation

At Square Foot Consulting LLC we are not new to the construction industry and we understand the day-to-day undertakings of a project. We use our in-depth knowledge and experience to exceed the standards of project management. Our clients find comfort in the thought of knowing someone is there to tackle every obstacle project may face. From regulations and specifications to construction and installation, Square Foot  Consulting Owner’s Representation is there every step of the way.

We assist with the following phases of the construction process:

Pre-Design Phase

      • Project Administration
      • Program Plan Evaluation
      • Project Schedule Evaluation
      • Project Budget Evaluation
      • Evaluation of Owner-Supplied Data
      • Existing Facility Survey
      • Establish Lines of Communication with Governing Authorities
      • Establish Lines of Communication with User Groups
      • Preparation of A/E Request for Qualifications
      • Contract Negotiations

 Design Phase

      • Project Administration
      • Programming / Design Meetings
      • Coordination of Owner and User-Supplied Data
      • Coordination of A/E Team
      • Design Document Review
      • Building Code Review
      • Project Scheduling
      • Statement of Probable Costs
      • Value Engineering

Bidding & Negotiations Phase

      • Pre-qualify General Contractors
      • Coordination of Bidding Materials
      • Evaluation of Alternates and Substitutions
      • Evaluation of Bids
      • Construction Contract Agreements

Construction Phase

      • On-Site Supervision
      • Team Coordination
      • Trade Coordination
      • Weekly Progress Reporting
      • Value Engineering
      • Payment Schedule Approvals
      • Change Order Management
      • Change Management Process
      • Owner Purchased Equipment Coordination and Delivery
      • Site Safety
      • Functional Testing

Post-Construction Phase

      • Maintenance and Operations
      • Start-Up Assistance
      • Closeout Documentation
      • Coordinate Record Drawings
      • Coordinate Warranty Review

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Our Consultants

We have an impressive cadre of professionals who round out the Square Foot Consulting team. Leaders within the industry, SFC consultants are credentialed architects, project managers, contractors, and diversity professionals among other disciplines. 

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