Construction Grant Management

We know that managing grants for your organization can be a very stressful, complicated process with endless meetings paperwork and deadlines. At Square Foot Consulting LLC our grant management plan consists of all the administrative duties and responsibilities that are included in the timeframe to complete them. Our grant management program, we include the following:

    • Strategic planning
    • Efficient grant design
    • Program development
    • Effective tracking and having adequate resources to manage this process

We will work with all stakeholders within the organization to develop strategies around grants, identify grant opportunities, implement certain grant awards, evaluate successful projects, and assist with streamlining future proposals. We will together with all departments to ensure we have all information needed for a successful proposal.

The benefits of utilizing Square Foot Consulting:

    • Avoid aggravation
    • Meet Reporting Requirements
    • Improve Grant Process
    • Avoid Penalties and Complications

Types of Grants Square Foot Consulting assists with:

    • Startup Grants
    • Capital Grants
    • General Operating Grants
    • Program or Project Grants
    • Planning Grants
    • Technical Assistance Grants




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We have an impressive cadre of professionals who round out the Square Foot Consulting team. Leaders within the industry, SFC consultants are credentialed architects, project managers, contractors, and diversity professionals among other disciplines. 

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